Security Cameras at Apartment Complexes

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As a property owner or manager of an apartment complex, you understand the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for your tenants. There are many ways to achieve this, but security cameras at apartment complexes are perhaps one of the most effective ways to improve overall safety for your renters.

Security Cameras at Apartment Complexes – Why are They Important?

Maintaining security in an apartment complex can be a challenge. Multi-tenant apartment buildings have a higher risk of crime compared to single-family dwellings. This is because it is easier for criminals to hide and there are more people to rob. That is why it is so important for apartment complex owners and managers to have a high-quality security system in place at all times to help protect residents from crime.

With many different types of people coming and going at all hours of the day and night, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone. This is where security cameras can make a real impact. By installing cameras at strategic locations around your complex, you can help to deter crime and improve safety for your tenants.

If you are an apartment complex owner or manager, you understand that a lot of people rely on you for the safety of their homes. Unfortunately, you can be held liable if a crime is committed by somebody other than a tenant on your property. In the past few years, tenants have been more likely to sue property owners if they were injured by criminals, with cases often settled or resulting in jury awards reaching even up to $1,000,000.

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Crime Deterrent

Security cameras can help deter crime. According to a study by the National Institute of Justice,  85% of convicted burglars said that they would avoid a property if they knew it was protected by security cameras. As a landlord or property manager, having a security camera system can help you and your tenants identify criminals if a crime does occur on the property. A smart security camera system can also provide local law enforcement with footage that could help them solve a crime.

Lower Property Insurance Premiums

Security cameras can lower insurance costs. Insurance companies offer premium discounts for properties with security camera systems. This is because they know that security systems can help to deter crime and protect against liability claims. On average, you could save about 5% on your property insurance premiums by installing a security camera system.

Improved Tenant Satisfaction and Retention

Security cameras can improve tenant satisfaction and retention. In a survey of apartment renters,  82% of respondents said that they would feel safer in their homes with at least doorbell cameras. Installing security cameras at your apartment complex can help to improve the overall satisfaction of your tenants. Not only will they feel safer, but they will also appreciate that you are taking steps to protect their safety.

Increased Rents

Security cameras can help you charge higher rents. In another survey of apartment renters, respondents said that they would be willing to pay an average $26 per month more in rent if their landlord installed security cameras. This means that you could potentially increase your rental income by installing a security camera system.

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Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Apartment Complexes

Installing cameras in the right places is key to having an effective security system. Here are some of the best places to install security cameras at your apartment complex:

1. Lobby or Entryway: A camera in the lobby or entryway can help you to keep track of who is coming and going from the building. This is especially important if you have visitors or deliveries coming at all hours of the day and night.

2. Elevators: Elevators are another common area where crimes are most likely to occur, especially if they are located in a secluded area. By installing a camera in the elevator, you can help to deter crime and improve safety for your tenants.

3. Hallways: Hallways are often the places where people feel the most vulnerable, as they can be long and dimly lit. By installing cameras in the hallways, you can help to deter crime and make your tenants feel safer.

4. Laundry Room: Laundry rooms are often secluded and not well-lit, making them ripe for criminal activity. Laundry rooms can benefit from improved lighting and security cameras to provide a sense of safety and security for your tenants.

5. Pool Area: Pools have a number of inherent dangers, making security cameras an excellent investment. Surveillance cameras in the pool area can help monitor activities and document any unsafe activity.

6. Near the Playground: If your complex has a playground, it’s important to keep an eye on the area to ensure the safety of the children. Security cameras can help you to do this, as well as deter any criminal activity that might occur in the area.

7. Parking Lots or Garages: Parking lots are frequently the site of crime, especially vehicle burglaries, robberies, and vandalism. Installing security cameras in your parking lots and garages can help keep criminals away and give your tenants peace of mind.

8. Entrances and Exits of the Property: All entrances and exits to the property should be well-lit with properly positioned security cameras. You can document any criminal activity that might occur, as well as help your tenants feel safer when they are coming and going from the property.

9. Stairwells: Stairwells can be dangerous places, especially if they are not well-lit or monitored. By installing cameras in stairwells, you can help to improve safety and deter crime.

10. Maintenance Areas: Maintenance areas are often secluded, making them attractive to criminals. Installing security cameras in these areas helps to improve safety and security for your tenants and employees.

11. Leasing Office: The leasing office is typically the first place that potential tenants will visit when they are considering renting an apartment. Security camera coverage can help to create a sense of safety and security in your office.

12. Near Mailboxes: Mailboxes are often near the front entrance of an apartment complex where you should already have camera coverage. But even if you have coverage because of the front entrance, you can always add another camera to get a good angle on the mailbox area. And of course, you should add a camera if the mailboxes are in a relatively secluded area.

13. Near Dumpsters: You might not think that criminals would target dumpsters, but they actually can be a goldmine for them. Dumpster areas are often secluded, making them the perfect place to commit assaults or loiter to commit other crimes.

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Cost of Installing and Using Security Cameras in Apartment Complexes

The cost of installing and using security cameras in apartment complexes can vary depending on the number and type of cameras you install, as well as the features you choose. Basic security cameras can start as low as $50 per camera, while more advanced cameras with features like night vision and motion detection can cost up to $500 per camera. Installation costs can also vary, depending on the number of cameras you install and whether or not you hire a professional to install them.

Installation Costs

The cost of installing security cameras in an apartment complex can vary depending on the type and number of cameras you need and the number of units in your rental property. In the United States, security cameras cost between $125 and $450 each on average, including setup and installation. In general, the expense can be readily offset by the decrease in crime.

Monthly Cost of Camera Use

The monthly cost of using security cameras in an apartment complex is also relatively low. In most cases, the cost can be absorbed into your regular utility bill. Cloud storage is anywhere between $3 to $30 per month. Professional security system monitoring can be had for as little as $20 per month with average costs of around $50 per month.

Maintenance and Repair Costs

Security cameras require occasional maintenance and may occasionally require repair. However, the cost of these services is very low when compared to the benefits of having security cameras installed. False alarms and other maintenance costs typically cost between $50 to $150 per call. Repair costs for security cameras will depend on the type of camera, but most are relatively inexpensive, and really comes down to an as-needed expense, with cameras and wiring rarely needing replacement.

Overall Cost of Alarm System for Apartment

The overall cost of installing and using security cameras and an alarm system in an apartment complex is very reasonable. The national yearly average for security camera systems is around $1,300, which can be easily offset by reduced insurance premiums and minimal rent increases.

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Installing security cameras can be a great way to improve safety and deter crime in apartment complexes. The cost of installing and using security cameras is very reasonable, and the benefits far outweigh the expense. If you are considering installing security cameras in your rental property, be sure to consult with your insurance provider to see if you qualify for a discount on your premiums. You should also check with your local laws to ensure that you are in compliance with all regulations regarding the use of security cameras.


How long do apartment cameras keep footage?

The length of time that an apartment camera keeps footage can depend on the type of camera you have as well as the settings you have in place. In general, most security cameras will keep footage for at least 30 to 90 days. Some cloud-based cameras will keep footage indefinitely, while others will overwrite footage after it reaches a certain age.

Can I put a Ring camera on my apartment door?

Yes, you can put a Ring camera on your apartment door if you have the proper permission from your landlord or complex manager. The landlord can lawfully prohibit you from attaching anything to their property, so you should get written permission before installing any type of security camera on rental property.

Can you a property manager add a security system to your apartment?

A property manager can add a security system to your apartment if the lease allows it and all tenants have given written consent. If you are opposed to the installation of a security system, you should discuss your concerns with your property manager. You may be able to negotiate an agreement that meets your needs and the needs of the property owner or manager.

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